A little nip and prune…for a better yield

Posted on 05. Nov, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leaders toolbox, Leadership


I’m not a gardener and definitely do not have green fingers but pruning makes so much sense to me.

Have you noticed how, just as you get too confident, life has a way of putting you back in your box? That near accident, the unexpected criticism from someone close or losing something you are very attached to.

It is worth reflecting on.

The definition of pruning includes the following benefits; “improving and maintaining health”, “reducing risk”,  and “increasing yield and quality”. We’re advised to use specific tools – such as pruning scissors or a hack saw and more – for different plants or trees and hedges. Pruning is done to branches, buds or roots. Wow, that’s quite a broad scope.

What’s interesting is that this is only done if someone really cares about the plant, or you. Or you really care about your kids, family or community. Real thought, experience and expertise go into this process and let’s remember to always clean up afterwards.

I’m not too good at this and will need to practice;  removing the unproductive bits, lessening the load and removing dead wood where and when I notice it. And I’m not talking only about others. Self-pruning is possible, in fact important, too. Since I do this with my hair, I should be familiar with the concept.

None of us like surprises, so understanding the concept of pruning, planning for it and recognising it could be most helpful.

This reminds me of my article on creating luggage from baggage or de-cluttering.

Makes one think, doesn’t it?

Sharing stories, Deon