A rolling start always beats a static one!

Posted on 25. May, 2013 by in Constructive living, Leadership


And just starting beats not starting at all.

Visualise those motor car races where there is a rolling lead car that gets out-of-the-way quickly when the start flag drops. All the cars are moving fast already and then the race begins.

Now compare this to the typical static start of a car race. Getting going from zero, wheels spinning and rubber burning, a mad scramble.

Someone ones told me it is much easier to direct a person that is already moving, albeit not in the right direction, than getting a person that’s parked off, to start moving – so simple and so true. Parked off can imply physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

As the cowboy said, keep moving, them vultures are circling up there.

Isn’t it interesting that the answer to your questions are often already around you. Where you work, at home, within your circle of friends, your hobbies and in what you read or listen to. Your answers are very rarely far away from where you already are. Or on the other side of town, a different career or a different relationship.

But you have to keep moving, listening and seeing, to spot it, right there we you are. You need to be connected, have a tribe or two, absorb and share energy. Your music is always there, just roll the dial and tune in.

A rolling start trumps a static one, always.

I love the Nike saying, Just do it, perfect or not, right time or not.

Its in the starting, that makes all the difference, the direction will come.

Note to self, remember this!

Sharing stories, Deon