AAADS, is pronounced triple A, D, S

Posted on 21. May, 2013 by in Constructive living, Leadership, Re invent


AAADS stands for After Action, Adrenalin, Deficiency Syndrome (my creation and not found in medical journals).

You cannot escape it and there is no antidote for it.

But, you can ambush it!

Life is made up of peaks and valleys, or, a series of sprints and then, a catch your breath time.

Building up to the peak takes immense energy, adrenalin, concentration and effort. Whatever this may be, an exam, getting married, having a baby, a new position, a court case, a death or just a board meeting or buying something. You get my drift.

When this happens, we dig deep into our resources and reserves, in fact, we over draw on them. As a result we build up what I would call an adrenalin overdraft.

As with any good bank, this will be tolerated for a while and normally until just after the event, whatever that was.

The minute the pressure is of, the event is over, the crisis averted, the goal achieved, hey presto, AAADS pounces and kicks in.

It is payback time. Your body, mind and soul, wants the borrowed adrenalin back, complete with some interest too.

For all of us unique beings, this may present differently. Lethargy, disappointment, gatvol, lack of focus, serious loss of sense of humour, irritability and similar emerges, out of the blue. It catches us by surprise and at first we don’t recognise it.

But, with time we get smarter and accept AAADS will come, and it will go too. From 7 minutes to 7 days, it all depends on the size of the initial overdraft I suppose because, this is scalable. The longer the build up and bigger the event, the bigger the overdraft and yes, you guessed it, the bigger the AAADS.

So, as you know its coming, ambush it!

Anticipate it, line up some down time, recognise it early and get to know yourself so well that you know how to mitigate it. Is it a holiday, a good book, or spending time with someone that’s read one, a movie, a good old-fashioned sulk, a game of golf, gym, retail therapy, a  stay in bed for a day, or whatever.

The important thing is; live through it, accept it, work with it and recognise once it’s over and spent.

We get better at it with practice, at least, I hope we do.

Now, where’s that glass of wine, there’s an overdraft I need to pour it into.

I hope you can use this. Works for me.

If you like it, you can have it.

Oh and remember to recognise it when it happens to those around you…..and tolerate them a bit more.

PS This phenomena may be called by many other names, but I like AAADS more, resonates better.

Sharing stories, Deon