Deon ViljoenMy name is Deon Viljoen from uMhlanga Rocks near Durban on the East Coast of South Africa.

I’m intrigued with leadership in business and in its broader application in life. I believe authentic leadership, at every level of business or society and personally, to be the main catalyst of behaviour, achievement and fulfillment.

I read widely on the topic and collect memes (pronounced like dreams) wherever I find them. Memes are an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. I’m also a supporter of the power of storytelling in business and plan to merge my collected ideas on leadership with creating short thoughtful stories and share these with interested people on this blog.

I follow a few related blogs and at the outset declare that not many of these memes are original but are collected from many different sources, blogs, thought leaders and inspirational writers. Without them necessarily knowing it, I have a large personal board of directors that I draw inspiration from. To name a few my wife Megan, our incredible children, my late father David, Dr Dorian Haarhoff and Graham Williams from the Halo and the Noose fame, Clem Sunter, Seth Godin, Robin Sharma and many other colleagues and friends.

I’m new to blogging and look forward to learning and becoming acquianted with this medium and trust you will enjoy my memes.

Sharing stories, Deon

Introduction | I am an African employed in the Tourism Industry

Interests | Leadership, Community, Hotels, Shared Vacation Ownership, Networking

Favourite Books | Leadership, Digital media

Blogs I Follow | Harvard Business Review, Seth Godin, McKinsey Report and many LinkedIn Groups