Who wins the race, IQ or EQ?

Posted on 25. Jan, 2014 by in Constructive living, Leadership

In predicting leadership performance the relationship between IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) always comes up. I enjoy the lovely analogy that IQ is similar to the size and quality of the “engine” in our heads; how strong and fast it is and how high it can rev. Our EQ is similar to how […]

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If you want to share, fill your jug

Posted on 19. Jan, 2014 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leaders toolbox, Leadership

During each day, leaders  give out lots of energy. Imagine a jug of iced tea and a few glasses on the table. The jug is full and the glasses empty. Throughout the day, leaders pour  out different amounts of energy (iced tea) as and when the need arises. At the end of each day the […]

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Pareto has a plan for 2014

Posted on 10. Jan, 2014 by in Constructive living, Leadership, Re invent, Trends

I prefer the concept of “focus areas” to “resolutions”. To me, it is more about creating or tweaking a trend, than achieving a series of goals. Pareto’s 80/20 principle springs to mind. What are the few small changes in habits and routines you can make (20%) that will have the best impact (80%) on your  wellbeing […]

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Imperfection is cool

Posted on 17. Nov, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leaders toolbox, Leadership, Re invent

Do you also think everything has to be perfect? I understand the Japanese are known to strive for perfection.  It’s therefore apt that the concept of Wabi Sabi originated there. Wabi Sabi is the art of appreciation of imperfection; recognising and appreciating the story behind the scratch on the bumper, the vase that has been repaired, […]

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A little nip and prune…for a better yield

Posted on 05. Nov, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leaders toolbox, Leadership

I’m not a gardener and definitely do not have green fingers but pruning makes so much sense to me. Have you noticed how, just as you get too confident, life has a way of putting you back in your box? That near accident, the unexpected criticism from someone close or losing something you are very […]

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The pendulum effect

Posted on 27. Oct, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leadership

Imagine your grandmother’s old clock on the wall in the dining room. Stately, rich in memories with many carefully choreographed working parts.  The one that goes tick-tock and chimes every hour. There is a natural rhythm for most things in life. Once a business is up and running, a concept established, a car bought, a […]

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