Conduct your orchestra, make your music

Posted on 02. Mar, 2014 by in Leadership


The orchestra conductor is the leader of a large and diverse group of musicians.

The tempo is constantly changing as the sounds from five groups of musical instruments are blended to create different types of music.

The conductor, professionally dressed, is visible to the audience. She faces her orchestra, leading them through a series of practiced movements. She uses a range of skills (body action), an aide (baton), and body language to guide her team.

She selects the appropriate repertoire, practices with her team and leads them during each performance.

Most interestingly though, the conductor has her back to the audience (read “customers”) and focusses solely on her team and their performance.

As she teases out the best from her musicians, their audience responds and shows their appreciation. The conductor, facing the audience for a standing ovation, acknowledges her team’s efforts.

Individually the musicians are accomplished. It’s all in the integration, harmonising and leadership.

I wish I could play an instrument…other than a computer keyboard.

Sharing stories, Deon

With thanks to a mentor, Jabu Mabuza