Congratulations, you are a leader, yes, You

Posted on 19. Apr, 2013 by in Constructive living, Leadership

Here’s a radical thought, everyone is a leader.

As soon as you can make decisions that affect yourself, you’ve become a leader. You start leading your life, which is clearly where the “lead your life” saying must come from.

What is different though, is the nature, scope and relevance of everyone’s leadership roles, the position or rank, context, number of followers (just yourself or a group or groups) and clearly, the quality of your leadership.

Similarly, every leader is a follower and every follower is a leader. This is worth reflecting on a bit more.

Barack Obama probably reports to more structures and communities than he cares to list. IN Dividual, a single and independent explorer in a dessert, probably  has much less reporting structures and followers, but could still be a leader of real consequence and the same guidelines apply.

This is a real aha moment for me. Leadership is not a selected and exclusive domain.

The size, scope and number of leadership roles you choose to fulfill, depends totally on you and your platform.

Leadership is both quantitative and qualitative and it is therefore also true that the lack of leadership, or poor leadership, is not good, in fact bad. And when we consider that broad impact of leadership… is so critical that we get it right.

Wow, roll on the Deon’s personal performance evaluation session, mirror mirror on the wall! And while we are at it, let’s talk about that raise.

OK, on that note, its time to go…

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