From dots and dashes a thread develops

Posted on 23. Sep, 2013 by in Constructive living, Trends

Dots and dashes

It’s the strangest thing, how upon a day, one starts picking up on some dots of information.

From different sources and channels and in the weirdest places and strangest times. Then some dots get linked and starts a dash and now your interest really gets peaked. You have to be present though and be paying attention.

This is normally the time that I move from “receiving” mode, to pro active mode and start scratching for more information around the idea or concept. Reading, listening, researching, browsing, talking and digital media are all in the mix.

The dashes either disappear (like a false alarm) or they become a thread.

The thread then multiplies and gets woven into your thoughts and by design, become stronger.

First I saw a Getaway magazine lying around. Then a radio program on travel. I miss the bush and feel like a break. Then a conversation with a friend that recently started camping…..I’m sure you know the feeling and where this is going.

Or you attend a conference and pick up on a word, a concept, an idea, that become thoughts, then ideas and eventually a new focus area.

This is true for business and every aspect of our lives, if we are in tune and receptive.

I often don’t see the dots, sometimes only notice them when they are dashes. I remain amazed at how much information is already around us, if we pay attention.

Have you noticed this too?

BTW, I write this from my camping chair, in the bush.

From a favourite website, Thoughts Become Things, Choose the Good Ones.

Sharing stories, Deon