Every leader has a mother and all mothers are surely leaders

Posted on 12. May, 2013 by in Constructive living, Leadership

Mothers are precious and remarkable.

They create, produce and nurture. Mothers protect, train, guide and really care, unconditionally.

Mothers can manage, have insight, have 20 20 and peripheral vision and follow their gut.

They seek the facts and will hunt you down, or those that mean you harm.

They have your back, see your faults, yet still supports you no matter what.

They can create something from nothing, are patient and set goals, even edit yours.

In short, they are natural protectors of their brood, their family and community.

Now isn’t that true, authentic leadership?

I celebrate and give thanks to my loving and insightful mother Ans, my best and ailing mother in law Anna, the mother of our family and so many more, Megan, the mother of Rian and Nadia, Karin, my golden daughter in law Antoinette and all three my sisters Annelie, Elma and Sandra.

And then, all the other Mothers I know.

On this Mothers Day – and every other day – we thank and cherish you and indeed look up to you.


Here’s a flower, a hug and a cup of tea.

In the absence of that which I am not (a mother), that which I am (a child), will not have existed – thanks Rinus.

Sharing stories, Deon