Expect, what you inspect

Posted on 22. Jun, 2013 by in Constructive living, Leaders toolbox, Leadership


It is uncanny how this works.

The instant you start asking questions or scratching around an issue or a topic, the more prominent or evident it becomes.  It is as if a magnet is activated and you start noticing things around the issue or topic.

Have you ever bought something new or say become pregnant and suddenly it seems as if everyone drives the same car, or is expecting?

In the same way an issue will reveal itself, if you start thinking about it, asking the question or investigating it.

One of the most valuable tools in a leaders toolbox must be a torch. One of those torches where you can adjust the beam, broad or focussed.

Walking in the dark and panning your torch from side to side, or straight ahead, will reveal what you need to see. In fact if you are looking for say an animal, its eyes will shine right back at you, instantly. The torch will find all the obstacles and new routes or directions.

The trick is to switch on the torch and follow your gut, instinct or whatever you wish to call it.

Leaders don’t just use this for problems or challenges, they also use this to discover new opportunities, directions or thoughts.

Quite often what you inspect actually resolves itself, just by focussing on it.

The trick is, you need that torch, fresh batteries and be prepared to switch it on. The rest, in some inexplicable way, becomes history.

Expect, what you inspect.

Have you found this to work for you too?

Sharing stories, Deon