If you want to share, fill your jug

Posted on 19. Jan, 2014 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leaders toolbox, Leadership


During each day, leaders  give out lots of energy.

Imagine a jug of iced tea and a few glasses on the table. The jug is full and the glasses empty. Throughout the day, leaders pour  out different amounts of energy (iced tea) as and when the need arises.

At the end of each day the jug is empty. Who re-charges the leader’s jug so they can start the process again the next day?

Successful leaders realise re-filling the jug is their responsibility. They can do this from their own resources; exercise, sleep, reading, personal relationships and more. It is astounding what we can do to unwind and regenerate, the important thing is to remember to do it.

This has to be done daily as the demand is ongoing and the cycle continues.  One leader helping many followers, who in turn help theirs. Imagine those champagne glass pyramid towers one sees in the movies or at weddings, with champagne cascading down from the top, every level down.


Your jug  needs a blend of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy and should be in just the right mix for each leadership challenge and follower. To conserve energy I also recommend that you use your resources sparingly and certainly not for those followers that either don’t use it or pay it forward to their followers.

Do you accept that you have a finite amount of energy to share and that you are responsible for refilling your own jug, without which you cannot continue leading?

What are your “energy fixes”? One of my tricks is to  absorb energy back from my team.

Sharing stories, Deon