From your baggage, pack your luggage

Posted on 05. May, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Re invent

Have you noticed, the older we get, the more we collect baggage.

It makes sense though, more experiences, memories, ailments, things and stories.

Think of your favourite cupboard, the hoarding room in your house, desk drawer, under the stairs or in the loft and especially your garage. Not to mention your inbox and personal folders. Then that ever-present long-term memory, piles of photos, highs and lows. Things representing events, seasons, phases and accidents, mistakes, cognitive disorders and much more.

And we lug all of this with us wherever we go, share it with everyone in our tribes and with all the new people we meet. No wonder we move a bit slower, become a bit more skeptical and weighted down.

What about a good spring clean, all the time. We can take all of this baggage and unpack it, consider it, even re live it for a while if you wish and that which does not serve us anymore, trash it. Maybe there is someone else that can use it, and maybe it is just, trash. Once we have done this we can develop habits not to collect more.

Here’s the trick though, we need some of this stuff, it defines us and makes us richer and wiser, but should not weigh us down. There is a balance. Keep the good stuff and sift the rest.

What we wish to keep we can clean up and fold up. And then, virtually and in reality, pack it neatly in some luggage, light weight, on wheels and maybe a backpack or two. If we could do this consistently, listen with one ear in and one ear out and get rid of unnecessary stuff, we’ll be able to travel through life so much lighter and be present so much more.

Just try to imagine someone lugging their garage full of baggage through life, compared to the practiced traveller, with some easy to handle luggage and everything else on their cell phone – just had to sneak that one in.

I just have to do this more…what about you?

Sharing stories, Deon