Pareto has a plan for 2014

Posted on 10. Jan, 2014 by in Constructive living, Leadership, Re invent, Trends


I prefer the concept of “focus areas” to “resolutions”.

To me, it is more about creating or tweaking a trend, than achieving a series of goals.

Pareto’s 80/20 principle springs to mind. What are the few small changes in habits and routines you can make (20%) that will have the best impact (80%) on your  wellbeing and success in 2014?

It could even be a 90/10 ratio. Often the smallest change can have excellent results.

I’m reminded of the world’s two top tennis players. They are equally skilled, fit and talented and are playing in the finals. What makes the difference so one of them will get the ball  a millimeter over the net a few times more than the other, to win the match? They are equal in virtually all respects and it’s certainly not luck that makes the difference. It may be attitude, focus or urgency of need.

What is it for you? What can you tweak or make incremental small changes to?

Keeping your focus area in mind, carefully decide what you wish to change. I find it helpful to identify what I don’t wish to change, now or ever. It reduces the clutter.

Start slowly and show persistence.  Your results will speak for themselves.  I’m going to give my 20% a real good bash in 2014.

Sharing stories, Deon