He that knows the way

Posted on 12. Apr, 2013 by in Constructive living

I remember my grand father fondly.
He had a trademark saying which went like this…He that knows the way and does not walk it, will be hit hard
The trouble with this saying is that it holds you personally accountable for what you do…hectic.
The more information you have and the more that becomes knowledge to you, the more responsible you have to be and act.
So the better your upbringing and learning, the more intuitive your sixth sense will be and the more you will know what the right or wrong way is and the more responsibility you have.
If you did not know, it seems you are in the clear. This explains much to me of which the religion example is probably the most apt.
So, if you were a Khoi and lived in the dessert and truly believed in dancing for the rain God, it probably would work for you and would be totally acceptable at the gates of heaven. However, if you were exposed to say another religion and then believed in it, you would have to follow that path or else you would be in trouble….or hit hard as grand father said.
If you know what the speed limit and the rules of the road are, best act accordingly. And so this applies to so many aspects of our lives.
Getting in tune with this sixth sense, listening to that inner voice and self talk and then really considering your thoughts has recently become of great interest to me and I try to consider and act thereon….much easier said than done though – at least I’m aware which in itself, is a scary thought.
Thanks Oupa PJ Viljoen (1902).
I think I should stop reading, listening and learning immediately:-)!

Sharing stories, Deon