How not to lead

Posted on 17. Apr, 2013 by in Leadership, New terms

My Grandfather was a chess champion. Trying to follow in his footsteps when I was at school, I often sought his counsel.

I will always remember him giving me a book “How not to play Chess” as a gift.

Of all the different ways to do something, whether playing chess or in leadership, I think there are more ways how not to do something, than there are how to do something and therefor worth considering.

Similarly, if you are choosing say 5 values for your own life or your company, by implication it also means that you are deselecting all others.

It is therefore relevant to also chat about how not to lead and I intend to highlight some of these.

One such that I recently read is “sucking up and kicking down” leadership. Typically this would refer to those leaders who perfect their veneer and packing to their up-line audience and at the same time diminish or ridicule their followers or down-line audience. Ego, poor self esteem, fear, greed and many other reasons could be the cause of such behaviour. Sadly I think there is much of this around and I’m sure you can think of a few names.

Being aware of and identifying such behaviour in either your own teams or those that you interact with, could be very helpful.  This kind of leadership is not sustainable, will be exposed but unfortunately can cause much harm if not addressed.

I’m researching this and other bad boss behaviour traits and will share what I find.

Sharing stories, Deon