Imperfection is cool

Posted on 17. Nov, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leaders toolbox, Leadership, Re invent

Wabi Sabi

Do you also think everything has to be perfect?

I understand the Japanese are known to strive for perfection.  It’s therefore apt that the concept of Wabi Sabi originated there.

Wabi Sabi is the art of appreciation of imperfection; recognising and appreciating the story behind the scratch on the bumper, the vase that has been repaired, the rust in the corner of your pocket knife. Not everything needs fixing, replacing or upgrading. A little imperfection is ok.

We aren’t perfect, and neither is anyone else. That’s ok. In fact, that’s cool.

If we can learn to look past, or even appreciate, that little irritating habit, we remember all the great things about those close to us.

Or that nasty trait of a colleague or a friend, that so easily threatens to block out all the good there is in the relationship.

Recognising Wabi Sabi and coaching myself to look past, or appreciate, those small dents, the odd misspelt word, or that tone of voice, has helped me focus on the bigger picture and really see all the good there is. It’s amazing how much clutter we can get rid of.

The acceptance of our own personal little imperfections is off course the most valuable. Accepting and appreciating your big nose, your false singing voice and petty fears is not only liberating, it sets you free for so much more.

If you really have to, stick a plaster on it.

With Wabi Sabi you can lead yourself and others so much more effectively.

I do need to remind myself often.

I hope you’re better at it.

Sharing stories, Deon