My Garmin my coach

Posted on 13. Jun, 2014 by in Coaching, Constructive living, Leaders toolbox


When I’m moving, my Garmin is always on. It is uncanny how it also helps me with my Goal setting and personal coaching.

To start, it needs some energy and somewhere to Go….exactly.

It then determines precisely where I am, speed bumps and all.

I can choose a pre-set Goal or destination or look for a totally new one, anywhere.

I then select from the options available; walking, driving, shortest route, toll free and more. I can even set some off course deviations for research or reflection.

My Garmin my coach, determines my route and highlights it clearly, complete with obstacles, estimated time of arrival and average speed.

When the trip starts, it monitors my every move, guiding me back on course if I stray and keeping score.

To celebrate my arrival, I get a chequered flag and tomorrow I get to do it all again.

My Garmin’s function is to coach me to my goals and destinations and oversees my journey, just what I need.

I have to switch it on though…and have somewhere to Go.

This story was inspired by my master coach trainer Karen…thank you.

Sharing stories and having fun, Deon