Potholes and happiness

Posted on 29. Sep, 2013 by in Constructive living, Leadership


It must be universal that potholes on your road, makes you unhappy. They are difficult to maneuver, jar and damage your vehicle and more.

One curses the roads department for not fixing them. Have to drive slower, be more alert and at worst could have an accident.

Now here’s the thing. When there are no potholes on the road, does that make us happy? No. We expect that and don’t notice it.

Potholes will make us unhappy and if they are not there, the unhappiness goes, but is not replaced by happiness.

Changing what makes us unhappy, does not necessarily make us happy. It just makes us feel “normal” or neutral.

Much like a draw in a game of rugby. You’re not “unhappy”, but certainly you’re not, happy.

To be happy, we need no potholes AND something more. A beautiful country side. Great travel companions. Enjoying the journey and good music.

What causes unhappiness, would trump what makes you happy. It’s difficult to enjoy the scenery, if you have to dodge potholes.

If this is true for ourselves, how much more is it for our family, friends, guests and customers.

Putting the toilet seat down, will stop unhappiness, but it will need more than that to create happiness.

Fixing what causes unhappiness, does not automatically cause happiness, but it is the start. Only something special causes happiness and it is different for all of us.

Worth considering isn’t it just?

Sharing stories, Deon