The Fire Brigade Chief teaches us about leadership

Posted on 26. May, 2013 by in Uncategorized

I drove past our fire station recently, then it struck me.

Fire brigade

The Fire Chief sets the rules with which we need to protect our properties and lives and those of others. They are not popular and not necessarily easy to follow, but are there to guide and protect us.

The Fire Inspector comes and checks that we follow those rules and guidelines. Then they go away and allow us to carry on our lives.

They watch over us, prepare a quick reaction system and process to come and help us when we’re in trouble – as they know it will happen. They just dont now when, where and how.

They get informed by a variety of channels when and where there is a problem, big or small (the small one’s become big quickly) and they rush to assist us.

They bring with them training and experience, equipment and a basic set of tools with which they minimise the damage and protect us. Afterwards they assess what went wrong and how to be smarter next time.

So reminds me of a Peter Drucker quote “let’s set goals together, guide me how to achieve them, then get out of my way so that I can work towards them.” We can add to that, “check on me from time to time, guide me and above all, be there for me when I’m in trouble“.

Smart people the Fire Brigade team.

Sounds like good old authentic leadership to me, lets light a fire.

Sharing stories,  Deon