The pendulum effect

Posted on 27. Oct, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leadership


Imagine your grandmother’s old clock on the wall in the dining room. Stately, rich in memories with many carefully choreographed working parts.  The one that goes tick-tock and chimes every hour.

There is a natural rhythm for most things in life.

Once a business is up and running, a concept established, a car bought, a house built, a skill mastered, there is a natural momentum, much like the pendulum of a clock.

Left, right and left again.  Using self-generated energy, it keeps the clock on time, requiring only occasional winding. The shorter the pendulum, the more frequently the clock needs winding. The swinging pendulum ensures the clock won’t miss a beat.

Once we have come to grips with the natural momentum of most things in life, we can move on to other things that require more focused energy and direction and multiply our effect and happiness. We don’t need to continue watching the pendulum.

Let’s keep an eye on the “clocks” in our lives. They will serve us with minimum effort, freeing us up for our valuable personal relationships and creating new adventures.

Don’t forget though, all your “clocks” need a regular and timely wind. There is no limit so you can have as many “clocks” as you wish.

There is a limit to your energy though, so maturing your projects to “pendulum” status is helpful.

Sharing stories, Deon