The Tango of the two T’s

Posted on 18. May, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leadership


The Tango is a most sensuous of dances. Well executed it is amazing to watch. To see the smooth inter action between two parties. You cannot Tango alone. You need to be practised, intertwined, trusting, creative, passionate and above all, in sync.

Now for the two T’s.

Transactions makes the world work. I have a bit of what you want or need and you have a bit of what I want or need. We trade by barter and both parties are happy. I give you my time and expertise and you give me a salary. Or, I give you my apple and you give me your bread. Transactions are here to stay and is the cornerstone of life and business.

However, if I have a story and you have a story and I share my story with you and you share your story with me, we both leave the inter action with two stories, mine and yours. To me this is Transformation. This happens when we train or educate, develop or share ideas. Transformation is a higher level of transaction, where the giver and the receiver, still retain what they have, but also gets what the other party has.


And so the Tango starts, with Transactions and Transformation integrating into a beautiful seamless dance, with both parties involved. On occasion Transactions leads and then Transformation does. We need both to perfect the dance. Transformation however, adds the multiplier effect…a bit like “teach a man to fish” stuff.

The three T’s. The Tango of Transactions and Transformation, of Management and Leadership, of Structure and Guidance, of Exchanging and Sharing. It’s all in the balance.

Wow, I need to smoke more of that stuff!

How is your Tango doing?

Sharing stories, Deon