You have a temperature

Posted on 14. Feb, 2014 by in Balance, Constructive living, Leaders toolbox, Leadership


We all have a unique temperature. We cannot function optimally when we’re  too cold, too hot or feeling stuffy. Our climate and environment affects our comfort, creativity and productivity.

Nature is probably our best teacher. Every species has its space and place….and climate. Dessert or forest, in the air or in water, we all thrive (as do organisations) under different circumstances. I for one, need the sun and a breeze.

A leader’s role includes setting the best climate and mood for themselves, their followers and teams. Creating the right environment with appropriate tools and equipment.

Open a window, switch on, trash what’s in the way and get what is needed.

A great leader has a double role. Take away and add to.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? I wish.

What’s your ideal weather like?

Sharing stories, Deon