Two wrongs, gave me two blue eyes

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two wrongs

It was during the late church service in my boarding school days.

We sat behind the choir and in front of me was a rather large lady. As they stood up for the last hymn, her dress got caught in her bum cheeks and her crimpeline dress hung there, like a curtain. Wackhead next to me lent forward, gripped a piece of material and ever so gently pulled her dress out.

Well, she felt it, swung around, saw me and wham, slapped me on the eye and turned back.

I clearly now knew she did not like Wackhead doing that. She probably liked her dress being just where it was.

Being the considerate soul that I am, I flattened my hand, aimed, and with a swift motion, stuck her dress back where she wanted it, up her bum. And that is where I got the second blue eye.

Moral of the story;

  • Two wrongs really don’t make a right
  • Good intentions don’t always work out like that and
  • Don’t fiddle with a women’s dress

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