When is enough, indeed enough?

Posted on 25. Apr, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living, Re invent

Since a near death experience years ago…I’ve been pondering this question and although I don’t have the answers yet, I am aware and conscious thereof.
We buy cars that are marked 220km/h, with a speed limit of 120km/h, why do we need that much?
I cannot wait for the next model Blackberry, yet I don’t use 20% of the potential of my current one.
I definitely have too many clothes, some I don’t ever wear and enough tools to build a house and service a car, but have never and don’t intend to do either. I have more music on my iPod than I can ever hope to listen too, strange but true.
There’s a lovely saying “fit for purpose”, so that is what I think I should focus on. Is my car fit for the purpose I use it for and so on.
Maybe this is what I had to come and learn in the timeshare industry. A fit for purpose instant holiday and not a holiday home which I pay for all year and use, maybe, for two weeks a year.
It also begs the question of ownership versus renting. To travel internationally I buy a ticket, not a plane. If I just did half of the first diet book I have, I’ll achieve more than owning the ten I do and being tempted by the next one.
A library makes so much sense. As does the web and Wikipedia and…there I go again.
Maybe this is caused by our “consumer” society, keeping up with the Jones, our Ego, our fear of loss or not having enough, plain indulgence or a sense of ownership and control…but all at quite a price.
It is not so much why we “want” the excess, but the angst and mountain of work we have to do to afford, acquire and maintain it all. So, with a bit of planning it’s all available, or we already have it…and we don’t need more – stuff.
I still have a long way to go but am pleased to recognise that I have tapered my “need” to have an excess of stuff and I’m now in the process or reducing my intake of more.

As from today I only have 40 pay days left before I “reformat” and the topic of discussion is, how much does one need to retire. And then a wise soul whispered in my ear, Deon, it is not how much you should have that is important….it is how much do you actually need and how do you plan to live that’s important. Wise words.
How are you doing?….and keep reminding me too, as this is definitely work in progress.

Sharing stories, Deon

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