Who is smarter? You, or your smart phone?

Posted on 28. Apr, 2013 by in Balance, Constructive living

Well, to start off with, if you don’t have smart phone, your disqualified……

The computers in our hands are getting smarter by the day, are we keeping up?

It’s only a tool though. A great one I give you that, but it should be under your control.

A smart phone is benign. It cannot steal your time, it cannot make you do things you don’t decide to do and it cannot change your life, unless, you allow it to be smarter than you.

Here are clues when your smart phone has the better of you;

  • When you don’t know where the switch off button is
  • When it squeals, you dash for it and instantly react to it
  • When you do not know more than, let’s say 30%, of the features it has that can assist you
  • When you have applications downloaded you never use
  • When you keep adding features like a glutton
  • When you let its battery run flat. What’s with that? Do you also not water your plants? Really…
  • When you mislaid it more than your car keys or specs
  • When you are scared of it and are fearful of exploring it and

You are smarter than your smart phone when;

  • You see it as a tool under your control
  • When figure out how it can work for you with all the features it has, some you did not even realise existed
  • When you can ignore the little flashing light
  • When you use it to replace time-consuming habits and rituals
  • When you use it as a safety device or a constipation tool
  • When you use it as a reasearch tool, a memory enhancer and for entertainment and relaxation

I think you get my drift.

And then there is smart phone etiquette. What’s with answering a phone the minute it rings and you are in a meeting or on an airplane, and then have a whispering conversation behind your hand, disturbing all? Or having it on silent but the vibration mode brings the pictures on the wall down? Genade.

Who’s life is this anyway?

The biggest difference between my smart phone and me is that my phone has unlimited patience. It will keep my information, messages, emails and diary just there, forever. Much like a dam wall. And when I’m ready, I can release some water, when it suits me.

Ok, I get outwitted now and then too. And if there was a smart phone support group I’d probably join it. But my smart phone knows it place, as an extension of my right hand, always….

Sharing stories, Deon