Your handicap could be your strength

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Your handicap could be your strength in business and life.

Golf is an amazing game. I don’t play it but have observed much of it.

To play you have a handicap, a measurement tool that highlights your strengths and weaknesses of the game. And then gives you a number. This number is deducted from your overall score at the end of the game. With this number you can then, on equal foot, compete with the best or the worst and win or lose and have fun. In this story a handicap is not bad, or good, it’s just a number, a measurement tool. In golf no one has a good or bad handicap….they just have…a handicap.

Imagine we are prepared to own up to our own strengths and weaknesses and identify our own handicap. And then work on improving them and therefore, our handicap. Either by building our strengths or mitigating our weaknesses or both. We all have them, they just differ and range vastly but we certainly all have them.

I’m not sporty. It takes me only 30 minutes to push my heart rate to the same level (and benefit to my ticker) as compared to a fit Dude that will take 2 hours to get there – I have a handicap. If you’re not a cover girl, work on your grooming or best asset, your personality or your presence – you have a handicap.

Once we own up that we have both strengths and weaknesses and define them and know that everyone else has them too, we can play the game of life and business with fun and confidence, on equal footing.

I think it was Mark Twain that said, the key to life is understanding people and how to interact with them. The only thing better than this, is understanding yourself.

I have many features that make up my handicap, some good and some not so good. I stay busy identifying them, working on and with them but most importantly, accepting them.

The golf handicap system is a very smart equalising proxy system – use it well.

Apply your handicap not as a Cap, but as Handy.

How are you doing?

Sharing stories, Deon