Small is also a size

Posted on 12. Jan, 2014 by in Balance, Constructive living


The recent festive season with its multitude of small and big gifts reminded me of a roommate’s story.

Jan always longed for a Mont Blanc pen. After an excellent business month he went to buy himself his celebration gift. After a thorough selection process (he’s a bit of a pain on detail) he asked for it to be gift wrapped. When he got back to his office, he sat down with a cup of coffee, carefully opened his gift and revelled in the experience.

On the same day, Jan’s neighbour took delivery of his lifetime’s aim – a new Porsche sports car.

Jan later remarked that if both of their happiness could be measured, they both would have registered a 10/10 on that day and for as long as their gifts lasted. However, the gift, cost and effort differed vastly.

We all have different values, wants and aspirations. Yet, achieving our own – would make us equally happy. Success and happiness are relative concepts. Let’s not impose our own on others and let’s respect our differences. The golf handicap analogy comes to mind

Do you know and accept what makes you happy and the related cost or effort?

Do you know the same for those to whom you give gifts?

Be careful what you wish for…you may just get it. Make sure it’s what you really want and will make you happy.

Sharing stories, Deon