Your overdraft needs a deposit

Posted on 16. Feb, 2014 by in Balance, Constructive living


At some stage, most of us have had an overdraft, a mortgage bond or credit card debt.

They are extended on security, attract interest and need to be repaid.

Relationships, business or personal, are much the same. Sometimes we give and other times we take. When we take more than we give, presto, a relationship or business overdraft develops.

It could have been the training course, the family commitment, the round of golf with buddies, illness or just losing the plot a little.

It pays to think about it. There are no bank statements in relationships to let us know where we stand.

If we are over drawn, we need to own up and pay up.

Overdrafts happen and are ok as long as we pay them back, and a little more. We wouldn’t want to lose our credit with a business or personal relationship, would we?

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